Learn The Art Of Wine Degustation- A Step By Step Guide

The art of understanding the different flavors that come in one sip of wine is called wine tasting, or in other words, it is also called wine tasting.Professional wine tasters taste different types of wine and tell you all about the wine with a single sip.There are seven steps of wine tasting that goes through the wineries table; here are what the famous 7 S’s are all about:

The seven steps of tasting wine
Traditionally there are seven steps of tasting wine:
1. see
2. Sniff
3. Swirl
4. Smell
5. Sip
6. Swish
7. Spit

See-through the wine
The color of the wine is very important, look through the glass of wine in some good light, and it should appear clear; fogginess in wine is not a good thing. White wine should be clear and sparkling, and any rusty look is not a good sign.

Wine degustation is a method of knowing whether the wine is good for your consumption or not. If the storage process was not up to the standard, then the wine will not be good, so to see if the end product is good enough for consumption, wine tasting takes place.

Smell the wine
The smell tells you a lot about the wine. When you take in the aroma, you will get an idea of what to expect from the wine. It will tell you if the wine smells good, foul, or anything strange about it.

Swirl your wine
When you swirl, the wine touches the side of the glass and slides. Generally, the wine is not syrupy or oily when it touches the sides of the glass. It should slide down in a certain manner. If it doesn’t, there is something wrong with the wine.

Take a sip
If satisfied with the above steps, be ready to taste the wine. Just a sip is enough to tell that all the above steps we passed are up to the mark. A small sip will tell you a lot more than a mouthful. So let the tastes linger, and you will know that the wine is perfect.

Spit or swallow
If everything goes well, then you can either swallow or spit the wine. It is up to you. If you are tasting just one or two wines, then swallowing is good, but if you taste a lot in the winery, it is better to spit it out.

Now with the above points, you can end up becoming a good professional wine taster.